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"Tax Accountants Corporation Growing" of Chiyoda Tokyo and Machida

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Corporate tax

Corporate tax

Experienced staff will support your tax /accounting operation.
The service is devided by your business size.

Supporting financial closing

Documentation for corporate, consumption and local tax return

We will review the amount of tax payment with your business size, and check your requirement application or documents.
We check and report for adequacy of your accounting journal, consumption tax entry, local tax returns.
We recommend Electric Tax Return operation.

Documentation of withholding tax, legal documents

We recommend Electric Tax Return operation for payments of withholding tax

Accounting advice, Monthly audit review

We recommend the system and software for you.
We recommend our accounting, tax, payroll software to your business, if you have not decided suitable software,
However, we will suggest best software that complies with your business size and situation, not limited to some software company.

Corresponding to tax inspection

Please see “Tax Inspection

Supporting to fixed asset ledger, Depreciable asset ledger.

Payroll/Financial closing adjustment

Free charge for salary calculation(Less than 10 employees)

Special operation support

Organization of restructuring

we provide advice on corporate merger, split, swap and ownership transfer, make a simulation documents, accounting operation and tax returns.
We also respond for accounting for business combinations

Consolidated tax returns

If you have not decided to apply consolidated tax payment system, we assess advantage and disadvantage to your company of its consolidated tax return.

Business succession operation

Passing a torch: We provide balanced business succession scheme with corporate, inheritance, and income tax.

Tax returns for religious institution and accounting advisor

Corresonding to sccounting softaware selection and supporting for its corporate, consumption tax returns including legal application for Agency for caltural affairs.